‘Gutsy’ Teenager Wins £6 Million Pay-out for Birth Delay

5th Dec 2014

A 'splendid, admirable and gutsy' teenager who has exceeded all the expectations of medical experts in coping with the disabilities he was born with, due to a negligent delay in his delivery, has won a £6 million compensation pay-out from the NHS.

The 17-year-old was born with cerebral palsy after his mother had endured a long and difficult labour. He can walk unsteadily, but tires easily and has to use a wheelchair over longer distances. His hand functions are also poorly co-ordinated and he has difficulties with feeding himself and speech.

However, he has managed to achieve far greater independence than anyone had foreseen and is now doing well at college.

Through his mother, he sued the NHS trust responsible for the hospital where he was born, which agreed to a final settlement of his case. On top of a substantial lump sum, he will receive annual, index-linked and tax-free payments to cover the costs of his care for life, in a deal expected to be valued at a little under £6 million.

After approving the settlement, the judge addressed the boy’s mother and paid tribute to her courage. “This settlement comes 17 years after your son was born and you have been a tower of strength and support for him throughout,” they said. “It cannot have been easy having the case unresolved for so long and I am very pleased that it has now come to an end. I hope that he achieves all his ambitions.”

The trust’s barrister said, “We are delighted that this matter has been resolved without the need for a contested hearing. He is obviously a splendid, admirable and gutsy young man who has made the very most of his life. His family have given him unstinting support.”

The mother said, "No amount of money can truly compensate for the impact of my son’s injuries on his quality of life. However, this settlement will allow us to plan for the future with the confidence that he will always be given the care he needs."

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